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"Hands on Experience in Welding Technology"

(12th – 13th July, 2019)

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About the Workshop

Welding as it is normally understood today is comparatively a new comer amongst the fabrication processes through Smith forging to join metal pieces was practiced even before Christ. Although there are a number of well-established welding processes, Arc welding with coated electrodes is still the most popular welding process, across the world. Arc welding in its present form appeared on the industrial scene in 1880’s. Arc welding however, was not accepted for fabrication of critical components till about 1920 by which time coatings for electrodes had been developed. The demand for large scale production of heavy items like ships, pressure vessels, construction of bridges and the like provided the necessary impetus for welding to come of age and the Second World War firmly established it as the major fabrication process. Welding processes widely used in the industry include Oxy-acetylene, manual metal arc or Shielded Metal Arc (SMA), Submerged Arc (SA), Gas Metal Arc (GMA), Gas Tungsten arc welding (GTA), Resistance Welding, Thermit Welding and Cold Pressure Welding. Most of these processes have special fields of influence like Resistance welding is popular with the automobile industry, Thermit welding for joining rails in situ, GMAW is particularly suited for welding of low carbon steel structures as also welding of Stainless steel and Aluminium, GTAW is more popular with aeronautical and nuclear industries, SAW for ship building, cold pressure welding for food processing popular with aeronautical and nuclear industries.


  • Dr. A. Saravanan
    Professor, ME
  • Dr. P.S. Ranjit, MIE
    Professor, ME
  • Dr. V.V. Kamesh, MIE
    Professor, ME
  • Dr. B.H. Vara Prasad, ISTE
    Professor, ME
  • Dr. M. Anjibabu
    Sr. Asst. Professor, ME
  • Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh
    (NIT-Agartala), MIE, IWS
  • Mr. Y.K.S. Subbarao
    Associate Professor, ME
  • Coordinators

  • Mr. T.S. Sagar

    HOD, ME

  • Mr. E. Raghavendra Yadav, MIE

    Assistant Professor, ME

  • Mr. M. Srinivas

    Assistant Professor, ME

Important Dates

Last Date for Online Registration: 10th July 2019

Information to the selected Participants: 11th July 2019

Workshop Commences on: 12th July 2019

Who can Attend

Faculty/ResearchScholars/M.Tech Students/ Industry professionals from the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, IT, Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering can attend.

Chief Patrons

Mr. Sisir Kumar Banerjee
FIE, President, IE (I) India
Dr. N Sesha Reddy, Chairman
Aditya Educational Institutions
Sri. N Satish Reddy, Vice Chairman
Aditya Educational Institutions


Dr. M Sreenivasa Reddy, Principal
Aditya Engineering College(A)
Dr. T.K. Rama Krishna Rao, Principal
Dr. A. Ramesh, Principal


Dr. V Srinivasa Rao, Vice Principal
Aditya Engineering College(A)
Dr. S Rama Sree, Vice Principal
Aditya Engineering College(A)
Prof. A Rama Krishna, Vice Principal
Aditya College of Engineering & Technology

Advisory Committee

  • Dr. B. Balakrishna
    FIE, Chairman IEI, Kakinada
  • Dr. Kota Venkata Reddy
    MIE, Secretary, IEI, Kakinada
  • Dr. P. Mallesham
  • Dr. V.V. Satyanarayana
  • Dr. P. Ravindra Babu
    FIE, Principal, GEC
  • Dr. A. Jawahar Babu
    MIE, Prof. of ME, GEC
  • Dr. N.S.V.N. Raju
    Associate Professor, ME
  • Mr. A Chiranjeevi V S Prasad
    Sr. Asst. Professor, ME
  • Mr. M. Rambabu
    MIE, Assistant Professor, ME
  • Mr. Abdul Arif
    MIE, Assistant Professor, ME
  • Mr. N. Chaitanya Krishna
    Assistant Professor, ME
  • Miss. A. Swathi
    MIE, Assistant Professor, ME
  • Miss. M. Lakshmi
    MIE, Assistant Professor, ME

Resource Persons

  • Dr. T. Srihari
    (IIT-Delhi), LM IIW, ME.

  • Dr. T. Srihari has done his Ph.D. in welding Technology from IIT, Delhi in the year 1993. He has published quite a good number of papers in various National and International Conferences and Journals. He also conducted several Workshops and Conferences in Welding Technology. He has 26 years of experience in teaching UG & PG students and worked in many colleges which include, Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad, and Sri Indu College of Engineering & Technology, Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad. He also worked in the capacity of Principal in TKR College of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad, Aurora Research and Technological Institute, Bandlaguda, Bhaskara Engineering College, Hyderabad and SLC’s Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad. He has also guided two Ph.Ds. under Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Topics to Discussed

    1. Under Water Welding.
    2.Fire Cracker Welding.
    3.Arc Cutting.
    4. Deposition Efficiency of Coated Electrodes in SMAW.
    5. Finding the Shear Strength of Spot Welded joints.
    6. Finding the Cooling Curves (Temperature Measurements) in Spot and Arc Welding Process.
    7. Study of Bead Geometry in DCRP, DCSP, SMAW, MIG and TIG. Effect of Welding parameters like current, Arc voltage and Welding speed on the Bead geometry and thus strength of the joint.