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Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been successfully functioning since 2004. It offers B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) with an intake of 120 students and M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) with 24 students.Department of CSE has good interactions and MOUs with leading technology domain Training & Development Industries. Department of CSE under ACET, signed pacts in the form of MoUs with Infosys (Campus Connect), Microsoft (Campus Agreement), APSSDC. It organizes Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops for both students and Faculty belonging to various Technical Educational Institutions all over India.Our students are placed in various top MNCs like Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Cognizant, Samsung etc., for deserving & esteemed packages of more than 2.4 Lakhs to 7.5 Lakh per Annum.Faculty of CSE are always dedicated and devoted towards the comprehensive development of their students by training them physically through enough sports & games;psychologically through technical competitions globally.The department of CSE as a whole aims at the development of leading Computer Science Professionals with ethical values & societal concern.

Dr.M.Anil Kumar    M.Tech., Ph.D

Head of Department

The scope of computer science is endless. The students of the computer science and engineering are highly demanded by the recruiters of the top companies. Through innovative teaching-learning process a teamwork approach and leadership building experience, our students gain vital communication and critical-thinking skills. Our institution provides a platform for the students to enhance their employability skills through Industry Institute Collaboration.


S.No Name of the facultyTitleReferenceJournal
1 Mrs. J.Divya Lalita Sri Maintaining Data Integrity In Cloud Databases CMR NCRTCST - 2K15, 3rd National Conference on Research Trends in Computer Science & Tech National Conference
2 Mrs. R.Sailaja Intensifying the Security of Information by the Fusion of Random Substitution Technique and Enhanced DES International Conference for Soft Computing and Informatics(SCI) International Conference
3 Dr.R.V.S.Lalitha Mitigating Internet of Things(IoT) Services to Public Health care Systems: Medical Enterpreneurs perspective International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Management, Aditya Global Business School International Conference
4 Mr. M. Anil Kumar Leaf Classification Using Completed Local Binary Pattern Of Textures IEEE 7th International Advance Computing Conference International Conference
5 Mrs. Ch.Sujana An overview on Image retrieval using Image processing techniques IJCST, Vol 5,Issue 3, May-June 2017, ISSN:2347-8578 International Journal
6 Mrs. Ch.Sujana An overview on multimedia data mining and its relevance today IJCST, Vol 5,Issue 3, May-June 2017, ISSN:2347-8578 International Journal
7 Mr. N.Raghuram Authorised duplicate check in a hybrid cloud architecture for security analysis International Journal of Advanced Technology and Innovative Research,ISSN 2348-2370, Vol 9,Issue 1, pp 1-12 Jan 2017 International Journal
8 Mr. M. Anil Kumar A Completed Modeling of Local Binary Pattern Operator for Wood recognition System International Journal of Innovations & Advancement in Computer Science IJIACS;ISSN 2347 – 8616;Volume 6, Issue 6;June 2017 International Journal
9 Mr. M. Anil Kumar An Efficient Leaf(Texture) Classification using Local Binary Pattern with Noise Correction Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Online) –Scopus Indexed, July,2017 International Journal
10 Dr.R.V.S.Lalitha Reducing Security Feebleness Issues in Centralized Server Data by the Attackers using Sensors IJEAST,Vol. 2, Issue 8, ISSN No. 2455-2143, Pages 70-74.2017 International Journal
11 Mrs. R.Sailaja Robust and Indiscernible Multimedia Watermarking Using Light Weight Mutational Methodology Traitement du signal, Volume – 34 n0(1-2), 2017, PP-45-55 International Journal
12 Mrs. R.Sailaja A novel integrated approach using Euclid’s and fuzzy logic for secure communication International Journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity, Volume – 3(4), Nov - 2018, Pp. 253 – 267 International Journal
13 Mr. M. Anil Kumar Deceased Leaf Identification Using The Geometric Local Binary Patterns (GLBP) ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Volume – 13(23), Dec - 2018,Pp. 9012 – 9019 International Journal
14 Mr. M. Anil Kumar An Efficient Leaf (Texture) Classification Using Local Binary Pattern with Noise Correction Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol. 12, Issue 21, 2017, Pp. 5478 – 5484. International Journal
15 Dr.R.V.S.Lalitha Real Time Data Analytics of Traffic analysis in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) using Data as a Service (DaaS) National Conference on Current Trends in Engineering and Technology(NCCTET-2K19), Srinivasa Institute of Engineering & Technology, Amalapuram, 15-16, March 2019 National Conference


Department is committed to encourage students/researchers to carry out innovative research in the field of Computer Science & Engineering, keeping excellence in focus and deliver quality services to match the needs of the technical education system, industry and society.Students of CSE department are motivated to be innovative in their thinking while being strong in the Computer Science Core Knowledge

S.No Name of the facultyResearch AreaTitle
1 Mr. P. Seravana Kumar Bio DataMining -
2 Mr. T.Satish Data Sciences and Data Mining Research on EDM
3 Mr. S.S.R.K.M.Gupta Image Processing Optimization Through Fractional Calculus Algorithms On Images
4 Dr. M.Anil Kumar submit Texture Classification Of Leaf And Wood Recognition By Enhanced Local Binary Pattern Methods
5 Dr. G. Sanjiv Rao WSNs Deployments Schemes For Wsns
6 Dr. R.V.S.Lalitha Mobile Computing Vehicular ad-hoc networks pile up in darn dissemination
7 Mrs. R. Sailaja Network security and cryptography Digital water marking
8 Mr. Ch.S.V.V.S.N.Murthy Data Mining Spatial Data Mining