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Research Supervisors

Research Supervisors
S.No Name of the Department Name of the supervisor Name of the scholar Year of Registration Title of research work Year of Award
1 ME Dr.Danaiah Puli S.C.Dattu Vinjamuri 2019 ExperimentalStudies on the Performance of SI Engine using oxygeted additivs
Venkata satya bheemeshwar reddy devi Veera 2019 ExperimentalStudies on the Performance of SI Engine using differentblends.
2 ECE Dr.DOLA SANJAY S Mr. Hemanth 2015 A Novel Approach for design, Implementation and performance analysis of Time-power-area efficient ALU for digital systems
Mr. Nikhat Firdose Jahan 2021 Devaluation of Radiation on O2 Scavenging unit by using MM wave Filter 2023
Mr. Khasm Shaik 2016 A Comprehensive study and optimization of Resource and Bandwidth applications in Wireless Networks Performance Analysis using Artificial Intelligence 2020
Mr. B Kalyan Kumar 2021 Mitigation of Electro magnetic interference in Smart Pressure Sensors for monitoring SF6 gas Insulated Circuit beaker using Microstrip filter 2023
3 ECE Dr.Rayudu V V Krishna Padala Ramesh Kumar 2020 Glaucoma Automation and Reti Blood Vessel Segmentation using Image Processing Techniques
Mr.P Srinivas 2021 Medical image segmentation using soft computing & deep convolution neural networks
4 ECE Dr. B.V.Vijaya sri Mr.R.Lal Raja Lokesh Babu 2021 Design of Develpoment of bioinspired Hybrid routing protocol for wireless sensor Networks
5 CSE Dr. R V S Lalitha Ms. Challapalli Sujana 2022 Machine Learning and Wireless Sensor Networks.
6 AIML Dr. G.Sanjeeva rao Mrs.N.Madhuri 2021 Security issues in Cloud using Deep Learning Approches
Mr.J.S.Narendra Kumar 2022 Performance analysis of various Machine Learning algorithms
7 IT Dr. Chaluvadi V Raghavendran Ms. Chaitanya Nukala 2022 Video Stream Data Assessment by Deep Learning Techniques for Reducing the Anomalies in Visual Systems.
Mr. Shaik Sikindar 2019 Enhancing the Performance of Health care systems using deep learning